How to remove parasites from the body at home?

enemas and drugs to remove parasites

The human body is part of nature and definitely takes its place. He is in constant contact with the environment, but this communication is not always favorable.

Throughout his life, a person is exposed to "attacks" from various microorganisms. Unfortunately, parasites are frequent guests.

Over time, all the negative influence exerted on a person from the outside and the outside worsens his condition. The wastes of various parasites, fungi and microorganisms are deposited in a person.

To improve general well-being and health, serious body cleansing is necessary. It can be done at home using well-known and effective folk methods and remedies.

How to cleanse the body from parasites at home: tablets

People of absolutely different ages can be infected with helminths.

There is a certain classification of parasites, in which there are three groups:

  • Roundworms;
  • Flatworms (moats);
  • Tapeworms.

Most often, anthelmintic drugs are available in tablet form.

A positive point in the use of drugs is their ability to positively affect the immunity of the patient. For this reason, drugs are often used as a preventive measure, they are recommended for the treatment of such diseases as:

  • non-kotorosis;
  • ascariasis;
  • hookworm infection;
  • toxocariasis;
  • strongyloidiasis.

Drug use has certain limits. These include the presence of certain diseases, such as: renal and hepatic failure, leukemia, hematopoiesis disorders.

The tablets are used in the treatment of:

  • ascariasis;
  • cysticercosis;
  • giardiasis;
  • enterobiasis;
  • echinococcosis;
  • opisthorchiasis;
  • toxocariasis;
  • trichocephalosis and other diseases.

Before you start using drugs, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications. Most often these are: pregnancy, lactation, diseases of the retina and individual intolerance to some components of the drug.

The main source of nutrition in the human body for parasites is glucose. There are drugs that interfere with the absorption of glucose by worms. Remaining without the main food, the parasites die off, completely leaving the human body in 2-3 days. The funds have worked well for the treatment of mixed helminthiasis.

Most often used for:

  • enterobiasis;
  • ascariasis;
  • hookworm;
  • trichocephalosis;
  • teniasis;

Treatment of protozoan diseases

Protozoa - diseases caused by protozoa, such as lamblia, Trichomonas, amoeba, toxoplasma. The action of certain drugs is aimed at combating protozoa. These drugs have both antimicrobial and antiparasitic effects.

Actively affect:

  • Trichomonas;
  • lamblia;
  • amoeba.

The drugs are taken orally for 5-10 days. After the end of treatment, a second scan is performed, which can show the result of treatment.

How to eliminate parasites at home with folk remedies

The start of anthelmintic treatment is preceded by a certain preparation. It consists of adhering to a diet that excludes fatty foods, meat and meat products. It is necessary to eat only raw vegetables and fruits for two weeks, not to eat sugar, to drink only freshly prepared juices. Drink at least 1. 5 liters of water per day. A prerequisite is the cleansing of the liver, kidneys, intestines.

Prevention of helminthiasis should be carried out at least twice a year. You do not have to decide for yourself which folk remedy to use in a particular case. It is advisable to make a decision with the attending physician, who, when choosing a remedy, will be guided by your individual indicators of state of health. Intoxication of the body should not be allowed.

The most popular folk remedies in the fight against parasites are wormwood, garlic and tansy.


Common tansy is an effective deworming agent. Its essential oil contains thujone. This substance paralyzes various intestinal parasites, including pinworms and roundworms. To prepare the product, you need to pour a tablespoon of plant flowers with a glass of boiling water. The infusion will be ready in 1 hour. The filtered solution is taken 1 tablespoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.


Medicinal infusions of this plant are actively used to combat various microorganisms, as well as parasites such as tapeworms, lamblia, roundworms. The tincture is prepared with alcohol and taken 20 drops before meals three times a day.

Pumpkin seeds

The most popular folk anthelmintic remedy, which is quite easy to prepare. You should eat 1 glass of pumpkin seeds peeled from the white pods within two weeks.

Garlic-based anthelmintics

Garlic, especially its essential oils and phytoncides, actively act on parasites, especially roundworms. Garlic products protect against the development of various rotting processes.


For the preparation of a folk remedy, only green walnuts are used. Nuts (unpeeled from the green skin) must first be chopped, then 4 tablespoons of peanuts are poured into a glass of boiling salted water. The tincture will be ready in 30 minutes. Walnut porridge is extracted from the water. Before taking this remedy, you should drink a laxative.

clove (spice)

Cloves are powdered and taken for anthelmintic treatment. The tool works effectively not only on adults, but also on eggs and larvae of helminths. This spice has another positive feature - it strengthens the weakened immunity of the patient.

The drug is taken within a month, gradually increasing the dosage. You should start with a small pinch, increasing the dose to 1/3 teaspoon. After the end of the course, it is advisable to drink 1 teaspoon of cloves or wormwood once a week for prevention.

A mixture of cognac and castor oil

To prepare the mixture, take 50 grams of good brandy and 50 grams of castor oil. The remedy is taken in the morning before meals. Cognac paralyzes the parasites, and they are no longer able to adhere to the intestinal walls. Castor oil has a laxative effect, which helps remove paralyzed worms from the body. It is necessary to take the mixture until parasites are found in the daily stool.

The presence of a pad in this tool does not allow it to be used for the treatment of children. But another way to use castor oil is possible. In the middle of the night the baby is given any sweet drink, and after 20-30 minutes - a dose of castor oil (the dose depends on the age of the child and can range from 15 to 20 grams). Treatment continues until the child's stool is free of worms.

How to eliminate parasites at home in children

Babies quite often get sick from a helminthic invasion, this happens due to their ignorance of the rules of hygiene, their curiosity, their desire to taste everything. And dirty hands are the primary source of the spread of worms.

How can you help children get rid of worms?

Medicinal herbs

The main rule when treating a baby is not to hurt him! Therefore, when trying to cure a child, you should pay special attention to the fact that all drugs are very toxic. What can not be said about traditional medicine, which is gentle on the child's body. Despite this, the use of any medication should be agreed with the attending physician.

Remember!Children get infected with parasites from dirty hands, after eating unwashed vegetables and fruits, after coming into contact with infected animals, and after contact with infected people.


The famous medicinal plant of aloe has been used successfully to eliminate worms. Recipe for preparing the product: from a plant that is at least 3 years old, take the lower leaves, grind them and mix them with honey in equal proportions. The mixture is infused in a glass container for 5 days. Patients under the age of 14 take 5 grams of the drug 3 times a day before meals for seven days.

Since scarlet can lead to severe diarrhea, while taking the remedy, the child should be given boiled eggs and rice water. At this time, you should avoid eating wheat bread, potatoes. Minimize salt intake.

It is better to combat large pests with a decoction of birch leaves. Recipe for preparing the product: dry 100 birch leaves, then pour 250 ml of cold water over it over low heat for about 12 minutes. You should take 10-15 ml before meals.

Medicinal plants against helminths

The price of the treatment includes:

  • 75 grams of centaury;
  • 45 grams of tansy inflorescence;
  • 40 grams of immortelle.

To prepare the infusion, take 15 grams of a mixture of herbs and infuse in 230 ml of boiling water. Take 45 ml of the product three times a day. To make it tastier for kids, you can add 5ml of honey to each serving. After tincture, the child should be fed with semolina or oatmeal cooked in milk. Treatment with this remedy involves the rejection of meat and meat products. The duration of treatment is 5 days.

Warning!Treatment of helminthiasis in children is a must! Otherwise, there may be problems with mental and physical development.

The most popular folk remedies for worms in children are pumpkin seeds and grated raw carrots or freshly prepared carrot juice. These funds should be taken before meals. The seeds are taken 15 grams and washed with 100 ml of fresh juice. It is also important to drink 120 ml of tomato juice without adding salt.

Garlic milk is a very effective remedy. The product is prepared as follows: a large head of garlic is boiled until tender in 250 ml of milk. With this solution, do a night enema, 125 ml of solution at a time. Along with this procedure, it is advisable to drink onion broth.

The broth is prepared as follows: chop a small onion, pour 250 ml of boiling water and leave for 12 hours. Then filter the infusion and drink 120 ml per day. The duration of treatment is 4 days.

It is known that parasites do not like an alkaline environment very much, so an enema with a soda solution will be useful in this situation. To prepare a solution, you need to take 250 ml of warm water and dissolve 3 grams of soda in it. An enema is done only with a warm solution. The procedure is repeated within a week.

The remedy based on green walnuts helps against helminthiasis in children very well. 40 grams of unpeeled chopped walnuts are poured with 1 liter of boiling water. They drink this drink all day long in the form of tea. Children should be given a laxative at night while taking the nut remedy.

Often children are given pumpkin or hemp oil. These products have excellent anthelmintic properties. The child receives 5 ml of oil twice a day before meals.

A fairly effective remedy for helminths can be prepared on the basis of pomegranate peels. Take 3 grams of pre-crushed crusts and pour 280 ml of boiling water and boil in a water bath for 15 minutes. Then the broth should stand for 40 minutes. The product obtained is drunk within 1-2 hours. Do not eat during the procedure. When the remedy is drunk, after three hours you need to take a laxative.

The safest remedy for children is a decoction of flax seeds. Recipe: 15 grams of seeds are poured with 200 ml of boiling water, the container is tightly covered with a lid and shaken for 15 minutes. Then the product is filtered and given to the children to take 50 ml in the morning. The duration of treatment is one month.

Warning!Removal of helminths from the child's body can lead to poisoning. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to make sure that during treatment the baby drinks at least one liter of still water and a decoction of rosehips.

Traditional medicine can offer a large number of recipes which have a rather long history. Even though they seem quite unexpected to modern people, that doesn't mean they are ineffective.

For example, in alternative medicine there is a very interesting recipe based on linden ash. It is made from burnt linden branches. 5 grams of sifted ash are added to 250 ml of hot milk. You need to drink such a remedy once a day before meals. The duration of treatment is 12 days.

Birch tar is often used in alternative medicine. On its basis, medical compresses are made.

Treatment of children with tar-based drugs:

  • The baby's navel is smeared with baby cream;
  • 3-5 drops of birch tar are poured on a cotton ball;
  • With the help of an adhesive bandage, the cotton is fixed in the navel area. The compress should be kept for two days;
  • After three days, the procedure is repeated again.

The body is cleared of worms in three procedures.

Often at night, children feel itchy in the anal area. The fact is that at night female pinworms lay eggs in this place. To prevent a new proliferation of parasites, it is necessary to close the anus at night with a cotton swab moistened with hemp or pumpkin oil. Repeat the procedures for 40 days.

Parasite prevention at home

Human health depends on itself. In a situation with parasites, it is necessary to carry out preventive procedures, which will prevent the entry of helminths into the body.

The following preventive rules must be observed:

  • Monitor personal hygiene and teach children the basic rules. Keep your hands clean, wash them after walking outside, before eating, after using the toilet. Underwear should be changed daily, bed linen - once a week. It is advisable to iron the laundry with a hot iron;
  • Frequent wet cleaning in the house, maintaining order;
  • Toys that the child has taken out should be washed with soap. Handle fruits and vegetables well before eating. Serve fish and meat with good heat treatment;
  • Install a water filter in the house;
  • Eat acidic foods because helminths don't like acidic environments very much. It can be fruit juice, sauerkraut and other vegetables. In addition, these products are able to increase immunity and remove toxins from the body.

The best way to cleanse the body of worms is decided with your doctor. At the same time, compliance with preventive measures will reduce the risk of infection with parasites.